In addition to the Rules & Guidelines listed below you are subject to ALL of the conditions and policies listed in the Affiliate Agreement.

You may

  • Refer an unlimited number of affiliates and/or subscribers – all will be on your 1st level.
  • Subscriber to the service yourself.  You will receive 1 PAS credit for your subscription (see the Commission Schedule).
  • Purchase additional entities for your account. Each additional entity is another USD$5/month.  The USD$5 payment will be divided and paid as commission according to the percentages shown in the Commission Schedule.
  • Purchase additional products or services as they become available.
  • Create and operate more than one account (with different referrers/sponsors, if desired) - however "stacking" accounts is prohibited.
  • Use a single "user" (email/password) to sign-in, then select from your multiple accounts.

You may have to

  • Submit tax information to SMT in order for us to send income and tax information to your country's revenue/taxation authority.  Failure to do so, when required, will prevent transfer of funds from your eWallet.

You cannot   (It will not be possible for you to do these.)

  • Place subscribers or affiliates in levels below your first level (those you've personally referred).
  • Move your affiliate team ("downline") from one referrer ("sponsor") to another.  (Don't ask.)
  • Receive commissions that you missed by not being qualified at the time of the subscriber payment.

You may NOT   (Accounts will be removed for violations.)

  • Send spam or unsolicited email.
  • Represent yourself as anything other than an "affiliate" of SMT.
  • Make false or misleading product claims.
  • Make claims of income or income potential.  (Use the online Affiliate Income Example Calculator for demonstrations.)
  • Stack affiliate accounts in order to cheat your referrer/sponsor out of commissions.  (What is "stacking"?)


  • A commission of 20% (usually USD$6.00/month) will be paid to Affiliates for each active Subscriber the Affiliate has directly referred (your first level).
  • A commission of 5% (usually USD$1.00/month) may be paid to Affiliates for each active Subscriber the Affiliate's subscribers or other affiliates have referred, down through 6 more levels or generations.
  • Commissions on levels 2 through 7 are based on the number of non-Affiliate Subscribers you have referred. (see the Affiliates+ program - Commission Schedule)
  • Commissions will be posted to your eWallet 15 days after they are received from the customer.  This allows time for refunds or corrections.
  • Affiliate-only (non-subscriber) Accounts will be deactivated if a subscriber is not referred within three (3) months of the Affiliate account's creation.


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