Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

No.  You can create an affiliate account and begin referring subscribers and other affiliates.  But you will need to refer at least one customer within the first three (3) months of opening your affiliate account in order to keep it active.  And you will need to refer more subscribers to earn commissions from the levels 2 through 7 of the Commission Schedule (see Affiliates+ program - Overview).

Do I have to subscribe to earn commissions?

No.  You earn a 20% commission on each subscriber you've directly referred (your 1st Level).  This commission will be credited to you monthly, 15 days after the subscriber's payment has been received.

But, to earn commission on levels 2-7 of the Commission Schedule (see Affiliates+ program - Overview) you will need to refer additional subscribers.  If you choose to be a subscriber yourself, in addition to learning more about the service you are recommending, you will receive one PAS (Personally-referred Active Subscriber) credit for your own account.  This helps you with the PAS requirements for earning commissions on levels 2-7.

Also when you are working with affiliates you've referred, they will often ask you "how are you doing it?"  If you want them to also be subscribers, you'd want to be able to encourage them to "first, subscribe - like I did."

If I stop paying as a subscriber do I still earn commissions?

Yes, you will still receive all of the commissions for which you are qualified.

But, if your PAS credits (the number of Personally-referred Active Subscribers) is below the level requirement, you will no longer receive commissions from that level.  Your PAS credits will drop by one when you cancel your subscription.  But as long as you have other subscribers on your 1st level, you will continue to receive income from levels 2-7, depending on how many subscribers you have.  (see the Affiliates+ program - Commission Schedule)

If I subscribe can I get past commissions I missed?

No.  Commissions are calculated at the time the payment is received from the subscriber.  If you are not qualified at that time, the commission you would have received "rolls-up" to someone above you in the referral chain or "upline" who is qualified to receive commission from that level.  This is sometimes called "roll-up", "compression" or "dynamic compression" in the MLM world.  It allows qualified affiliates to earn commission from virtually any level below them.

If I refer someone who is only an affiliate, but they refer someone who subscribes, do I get a commission?

Yes, if you are a subscriber and have a subscriber on your 1st level (2 PAS) or you have 2 subscribers on your 1st level.  (see the Affiliates+ program - Commission Schedule)

Do I have to refer subscribers?

No.  As a subscriber you may continue to use the service for as long as you like whether or not you refer anyone else.

But, affiliate-only accounts that have not directly referred any subscribers after their first 3 months are deactivated.  This helps us keep the number of affiliate accounts down to just those who are actually operating as affiliates.

Is this like Network Marketing or MLM?

Yes and no.  While we do have a "multi-level" affiliate payment plan (thus we are an MLM by definition) and we encourage you to refer your friends and associates, there are many significant differences between most of the current Network Marketing/MLM (multi-level-marketing) programs and SimpleMoneyTools' Affiliates+ program.  (see SMT vs. traditional MLM)

Can I have more than one account?

Yes.  You can have as many accounts as you need.  Each additional account will cost USD$30/month.  You will be able to use the same email/password to sign into all of your accounts.  When you sign in you will see a list of all of your accounts so you may choose which account you want to work with.  Click on the account name in the upper right corner to switch to a different account.

You may also have accounts that are referred by different people.  For example, say the first account you set up was referred by your friend.  For the next account you could set it up as referred by a family member.  You just need to enter their Affiliate ID when you create your 2nd (or more) account.

Or if you would like to have more entities within your one account, you can purchase additional entities for USD$5/month - go to your Account Dashboard page to add additional entities to your account.

Note:  accounts with teams or "downline" cannot be combined with other accounts.

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