Affiliates+ program

The Affiliates+ program is, well, ... simple!

  1. Refer someone to using your affiliate link.
  2. Earn 20% monthly on the subscription payments.
  3. Transfer commissions into your account.


The  +  in the Affiliates+ program is an additional 6 levels of commissions you can earn from subscribers referred by affiliates you've referred.

The table below shows what commissions you will paid on each of the 7 levels.  It also shows the required Personally-referred Active Subscribers (PAS) necessary to be paid on that level (see below).

(Dollar amounts shown are in USD - United States Dollars.)

Commission Schedule

Level Commission PAS Needed Commission (USD$30*)
1 20.0% 1 $6.00
2 3.3% 2 $1.00
3 3.3% 3 $1.00
4 3.3% 4 $1.00
5 3.3% 6 $1.00
6 3.3% 8 $1.00
7 3.3% 10 $1.00
* United States subscription price.  Price may vary by country.

Personally-referred Active Subscribers (PAS)

"Personally-referred Active Subscribers" are current subscribers who you have referred and who are not enrolled as an Affiliate.  Each (non-Affiliate) subscriber account you've referred counts as one (1) PAS.  Also, if you are a subscriber, your subscription counts as one (1) PAS.  If a one of your subscribers enrolls as an Affiliate they will no longer count as a PAS.


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