The chart below shows how much commission you are paid on each of the 7 levels.  It also shows the required Personally-referred Active Subscribers (PAS) necessary to be paid on that level.  If you are a subscriber you count as 1 PAS.  Each subscriber you refer (on your 1st level) also counts as a PAS.

Dollar amounts shown are in USD - United States Dollars.

Level Commission PAS Needed Commission (USD$30)
1 20.0% 1 $6.00
2 3.3% 2 $1.00
3 3.3% 3 $1.00
4 3.3% 4 $1.00
5 3.3% 6 $1.00
6 3.3% 8 $1.00
7 3.3% 10 $1.00

For example: 

You create an account as a subscriber.  This gives you 1 PAS (Personally-referred Active Subscriber) credit.
Sally is referred by you and becomes a subscriber.  Each month you will earn a $6.00 commission from her payment.  You now have 2 PAS (you and Sally) and you qualify for commissions from your 2nd level.  (Sally is on your 1st Level)
Sharon is referred by Sally and becomes a subscriber.  Sally will earn $6.00 and you will earn a $1.00 monthly commission from Sharon.  Meanwhile you refer another subscriber (on your 1st Level) - you now have 3 PAS: you, Sally and your new subscriber.  This qualifies you to receive commission from your third level.  (Sharon is on your 2nd Level)
Bill is referred by Sharon and becomes a subscriber.  Sharon receives $6.00 and Sally and you each earn $1.00.  And, again, you've referred another subscriber on your 1st level - so you now have 4 PAS and qualify for commissions on your 4th level.  (Bill is on your 3rd Level)
Chuck is referred by Bill.  Bill receives $6.00 and Sharon, Sally and you each earn $1.00.  You really get to work and refer 2 more subscribers.  Now you have 6 PAS and qualify for commissions on your 5th level.  (Chuck is on your 4th Level)
Sam is referred by Chuck.  Chuck receives $6.00 and Bill, Sharon, Sally and you each earn $1.00.  You again refer 2 more subscribers and now have 8 PAS and qualify for commissions on your 6th level.  (Sam is on your 5th Level)
Katie is referred by Sam.  Sam receives $6.00 and Chuck, Bill, Sharon, Sally and you each earn $1.00.  You continue your rampage and refer another 2 subscribers and you now have 10 PAS and qualify for commission on your 7th level.  (Katie is on your 6th Level)
Steve is referred by Katie.  Katie receives $6.00 and Sam, Chuck, Bill, Sharon, Sally and you each earn $1.00.  (Steve is on your 7th Level)
Cathy is referred by Steve.  Steve receives $6.00 and Katie, Sam, Chuck, Bill, Sharon, and Sally each earn $1.00.  But you no longer earn a commission - sorry.  (Cathy is on your 8th Level)


What happens to the commission Cathy's payment generates if the others above her don't have enough PAS?

Ok, let's say Sam (on your 5th level) only sponsored Katie.  Because Cathy is on Sam's 3rd level (1-Katie, 2-Steve, 3-Cathy), Sam is not qualified to receive commissions from her 3rd level.  She needs 3 PAS but only has 2 (herself, as a subscriber, and Katie). 

So the $1.00 commission that would have gone to pay Sam (from Cathy's subscriber payment), rolls-by Sam, and rolls-up to Chuck.  If Chuck is qualified with at least 3 PAS, Chuck earns this commission.  So Chuck has been paid a 3rd level commission from someone on his 4th level.  If Sam was qualified, Chuck would have received his normal 4th level commission (also $1.00) from Cathy's subscriber payment - but Chuck would need to have 4 PAS to be qualified for a 4th level payment.

So, basically, the payments just roll up to the next qualified person, then continue to roll up from there until all 7 levels of payment have been paid out.

This is called "roll-up", "compression" or "dynamic-compression" in the MLM industry and allows you to possibly get paid from anyone no matter how far down they are from you.  Since the payment for levels 2-7 is the same, $1.00, it doesn't matter what level you get paid from.  But you could get a 3rd level payment from your 20th level.

Can I start as just an affiliate?

Yes, you can start as an affiliate (not subscribe) and refer both other affiliates and subscribers.  But remember, you will need to refer subscribers to qualify for levels 2-7.  And only subscribers generate commission payments for you.  If you start as an affiliate and just wait for other affiliates to refer subscribers, you will miss out on any commission until you either become a subscriber or refer subscribers yourself.

What if I never refer any subscribers?

As a subscriber you may continue to use the service for as long as you like whether or not you refer anyone else.  BUT, affiliate-only accounts that have not directly referred any subscribers after their first three (3) months are deactivated.  This helps us keep the number of affiliate accounts down to just those who are actually operating as affiliates.

Is this like Network Marketing or MLM?

Yes and no.  While we do have a "multi-level" affiliate payment plan, and we encourage you to refer your friends and associates, there are many significant differences between many "traditional" Network Marketing/MLM (multi-level-marketing) programs and SimpleMoneyTools' Affiliate+ program.  (SimpleMoneyTools's Affiliate+ program vs. "traditional" MLM)


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