For a successful life, or successful business, measure what you want to improve.

- Jerry Bruckner

Tools to track information for multiple entities (home, business, club, organization).

  • income
  • expenses
  • mileage
  • time (coming soon)
  • inventory (coming soon)
  • invoices (coming soon)
  • assets
  • customers
  • debts/loans
  • mileage/travel
  • vendors
  • and more...

These tools are ideal for a small or home business that is on a cash-basis.  A "cash-basis" business is one that records sales or income when the cash is received and expenses when they are paid.  If you are not sure if your business is cash-basis, check with your accountant or tax preparer.  If you don't have an account or tax preparer, your business is probably a cash-basis business (at least in the United States).

Simple tools save time.

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