"Stacking" is when an affiliate creates multiple accounts all referred by accounts the affiliate already owns or controls – "stacked" one on top of another.  A1 refers A2, which refers A3, etc. The goal of this is usually to cheat the commission system.

This is undesirable because:

  • It cheats your referrer (upline) out of commissions.
  • You wouldn't want your downline doing it to you.
  • If everyone did it, the multi-level commission system would effectively pay out only one level.
  • The way the SMT Affiliate Program's Commission Schedule is set up with required Personally-referred Active Subscribers (PAS), you must still fill each affiliate position with the requisite subscribers in order to qualify for commission from lower levels.  You'll need to personally refer about 60 subscribers to make it work.  If you are going to enroll 60 subscribers, do it on your 1st level and enjoy 20% commissions on ALL of them.
  • Trying to manage multiple accounts and qualifications would be a nightmare.
  • Doing so (stacking) will get your accounts closed permanently – which your upline will like because then all your subscriber commissions will roll-up to them.


But what if I create an account and my spouse wants to create an account under me and a sibling wants to create an account under my spouse?  Is this considered "stacking"?

It depends.  If your spouse and sibling will be referring subscribers to their account independently of your efforts, you are just three affiliates working together.  If you are controlling all 3 accounts and are promising them that you will "build their business" for them, you are setting yourself – and them – up for failure and possibly forfeiture of the accounts.

Oh, crap!  What if I set up a bunch of accounts like that before reading this?

Two options.  1) if none of the accounts, except maybe one, have subscribers or affiliates referred, you can just ignore the "extra" accounts and they will be automatically deactivated after 3 months of no subscribers.  (An account must have at least one subscriber within the first 3 months of its existence to remain active.)

2) contact us and we will consolidate your subscribers and affiliates into a single account.  (This does not apply if you have accounts with different referrers/sponsors.  We don't move accounts from one referrer to another.)


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