This calculator shows how commission is paid on various levels of your referral group, team or "downline" (see Affiliates+ program - Commission Schedule).  The numbers shown here are NOT given as promises or guarantees of income or any particular performance or result of your or your affiliates' efforts.  They are for illustrative purposes only.

When using this calculator for examples and demonstrations to potential affiliates PLEASE use reasonable and realistic numbers.  Making false or unsupported claims is against the Terms of Use of this website and can cause your affiliate account permanently closed (see Rules & Guidelines).

Are you a subscriber?    (Yes = 1 PAS - Personally-referred Active Subscriber)

How many subscribers will you directly refer?
  (subscribers on your 1st Level - also PAS)

How many affiliates will you directly refer?
  (affiliates your 1st Level)

Estimate the average number of Subscribers each Affiliate will refer:
  (decimals are ok - ex, 0.5)

Estimate the average number of Affiliates each Affiliate will refer:
  (decimals are ok - ex, 1.1)


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